A bowl of sekoteng ice. Avocado, kolang-kaling, sekoteng and coconut combined to make a juicy taste. (Bayu)

Jakarta, (jakartalounge) – If you happen to travel around Utan Kayu, East Jakarta, you may check out a stall selling Sekoteng Ice of Bandung.

Owned by Yogi, a beverages businessman from Bandung, the sekoteng ice is blended in such way to match the delicate taste of the famous Es Oyen Sukajadi of Bandung.

Sekoteng used in the ingredient is a kind of food topping called red delima seed, made from flour.

Firstly, avocado thinly sliced ​​and then given sekoteng and kolang-kaling so those beverage refreshing the connoisseur. Additionally, splash of coconut water and its’ softmeat plus dairy creamer added taste for your break fast.

Spending seven thousand rupiahs only, you can enjoy a bowl of es sekoteng of Bandung in Jakarta.

Besides selling variety of distinctive ice of Bandung, Yogi also sells siomay at a price of eight thousand rupiahs per serving.

Those siomay which was made from mackerel fish and sago flour is very delicious on consumers mouth because using original mackerel fish fillet without mixture of other fish.

“Those siomay are made from mackerel, so it feels so delicious,” Yogi said, adding that his stall is a second branch in Jakarta.

“This is the second branch, the first also in Utan Kayu, but in Utan Kayu 1 in front of the mini market,” he added.

Well, for those of you who miss the smell of es sekoteng Bandung and mackerel siomay, can try it on the spot with by spend as much as 15 thousand rupiahs only and you have been able to enjoy healthy snacks a la Bandung in Jakarta. (Bayu Prasetyo)