Two men eats their meals after the worship in Gurdwara Sikh Temple, Pasar Baru, Jakarta. (Foto: Azizah)

Jakarta (jakartalounge) – Two men put the headscarf with light blue cloth. They want to worship in the morning at the Sikh Gurdwara Temple, Pasar Baru, Jakarta, Tuesday (9 / 8).

For adherents of the Sikh, showing off the hair is taboo. “In Indonesia, the rules are loose, we are only obliged to cover heads during worship. In addition, should wear, should not,” said Balbirsingh, Secretary of Gurdwara Sikh Temple committee.

If the head is covered, sadh sangat (Sikh congregation) may be entered in the prayer room and pray. They are putting their hands on his chest and bowed in front the collection of the Adi Granth (first book) placed in the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple), a kind of altar for worship.

Sikh religion founded by Guru Nanak who was born in 1469 AD in the Punjab, India. Then, enhanced by Sikh Guru Gobind Singh, who instill confidence in the unity and omnipotence of God, and to equate God with the truth.

In Indonesia, the Sikh religion has not been recognized as the official religion that his followers cannot be put the Sikh in the columns of KTP religion. However, based on the law No.23 of 2006 about administration of the population, followers of unrecognized religion can empty the religion column and still occur in a data base of the population.

However, it does not seem to interfere their absorption in worship. After prayer, the next ritual is eating food that has been provided in Kalangar Guru, the temple kitchen.

Everyone, whether rich or poor, eat sitting line consists of Dahl (spiced green pea soup), sugar bread and a glass of masala tea. “All the food here that contains no blood, all menu is vegetarian,” said Balbirsingh.

People who are not followers of the Sikh may also eat there, but they should wear a headscarf first, ok… (Azizah Fitriyanti)