Rumah adat Betawi, Kebaya yang ada di Anjungan DKI Jakarta Taman Mini Indonesia Indah terawat dengan baik. Anjungan DKI Jakarta memiliki koleksi benda khas rakyat Betawi serta ruang blandongan sebagai tempat kegiatan kesenian rakyat Betawi. (Foto: Bayu Prasetyo)

If we live in Jakarta, none the less if we do not know about the native tribe of Jakarta, Betawi. To do so, we could utilize DKI Jakarta Pavilion at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Jakarta.

We can find Betawi culinary and arts on this pavilion precisely near TMII railway station and beside the tanah airku theater which is next to the Lampung pavilion.

Visitors will be greeted with ondel-ondel statue in front of information building and Betawi gallery.

While Blandongan that the Betawi people used to do art activities can we see in front of the museum with grass that lies beyond.

Besides, the visitors can see traditional house like Joglo and Kebaya which has a room like Paseban or terrace, living room, Pangkeng or bedroom, dressing room, Ta’pang or kitchen.

Inside the house there is also a specific native Betawi interior equipment in the past that certainly adds to the impression of a classic house.

A visitor, Asti said that she was pleased to take rest on Betawi pavilion because it’s comfortable and cool.

“Because many trees and grass so impressed cool,” Asti said, adding that the platform is also convenient because they have blandongan.

Building information and exhibits contain historical dioramas of Jakarta since ancient times, the colonial period, the old order and the new, as well as the reform period.

The building has a mini theater with a capacity of 30 people to watch shows about the development of Jakarta from various aspects.

For those of you who missed the typical culinary of Betawi, they can found here such as toge goreng and kerak telor with an affordable price.

In addition to functioning as a place of education, the platform also provides a unique dance training like Samrah Betawi dance on Thursday. (Bayu Prasetyo)