The atmosphere of the Neo Journalism Café. (Aditya W.)

Jakarta, (jakartalounge) – If you keen on photography and culinary, you can find the combination of the both in a place called Neo Journalism Club and Cafe.

The cafe which is located in Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (GFJA) building, Pasar Baru, Jakarta blends the excitement of photography and cool place to hangout.

The cafe takes place in a 16×4 m room beside the GFJA’s photo exhibition gallery.

According to the cafe manager Triana Ekasari, the cafe used to be a room for Antara journalist community to gather and hang out. It was not until last January the cafe establised and officially opened for the public.

Besides partaking the delicate food and beverages served here, you can also enjoy photographs exhibited in this cafe.

The atmosphere of this cafe is dynamic as the theme of the photograph exhibition in the gallery is always changing.

Some of photographs being displayed here are those from the finalists of Pewarta Foto Indonesia 2010 Award, a prestigious award for Indonesia photojournalists.

“I love to hang out here because it has a concept combination of cafe and photo gallery, so we can see photographs exhibition as well here,” a visitor of Neo Cafe Andrea Nafisha said.

According to Andrea, the pricetags for the food and bevarages in Neo Cafe is reasonably inexpensive and affordable for a cafe.

Another costumer, Pandu Kris Nugroho said, ” I love to hang out here because its cozy environment. Instead of located beside a photo exhibition gallery, this cafe has modern interior design in spite of the fact taking place in an old historical building of Antara News Agency”.

Hanging out in this cafe, you can also visit the Antara Museum which is located on the second floor of GFJA building.

This museum displays historical collections of means used to broadcast the Indonesian Independence Proklamation as well as the history of Indonesian News Agency Antara. (Aditya Wicaksono)