The athmosphere of the vintage outfits floor at Metro Atom Plaza, Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta. The visitors feel comfortable as the place is spacious and air conditioned. (FOTO: Ida Nurcahyani)

Jakarta, (jakartalounge) – Looking for reasonably priced vintage clothing for your collections in Jakarta? Why don’t you try to visit the Pasar Atom in Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta?
You can find various collections of the vintage clothing at the fourth floor of the Pasar Atom. There, you can get a range of clothing with the price around Rp 5.000 (50 cents) up to Rp. 50.000 ($ 5, 86 based on its condition. The better outfits’ condition the higher the price set). But do not be worry, as you will always able to negotiate your best price.

“The secret is the persistency. You have to try hard to find your desired outfit. You need more effort to do that,” said Andi, a high-schooler (17).

“Compared to Mall, to shop here is very economical. You can get two or even three outfits only with $5, 86” said Yani, a housewife (38).

The outfits available here are various such as t-shirts, denims, coats, dresses, shirts, shorts, bags, shoes, hats, and even lingerie. They also come from many famous brands like Elle, Gucci, LV, Raymond Weill and many more.

What is more, you can also get fun t-shirts such as the Flashing T-shirt from Australia. You can get this t-shirt by only $ 23.42. To think about the excitement you will get, this price is worth it, as you can draw people’s attention to you with your flashing t-shirt.

This t-shirt will be flashed whenever there is music played as there is audio censor plant in the t-shirt. Besides, the prints are attractive such as the figure of the superheroes like the Punisher.

This place is opened from 9 am to 7 pm. You can enjoy the shopping experience comfortably since the place is quite spacious and air conditioned. To be sure, you will get the unique of Jakarta if you visit this place. Happy shopping! (Ida Nurcahyani)