Tempe mendoan vendor at Juanda Station. (Aditya Wicaksono)

Jakarta, (jakartalounge) – Tempe Mendoan, Cheap but Healty Snack Serving as a melting pot for many ethnics, Jakarta also has various traditional food from Indonesia.

One of the highly nutritious traditional snack is tempe mendoan. Tempe mendoan or batter coated fried tempe is a traditional soybeans cake which originates from Purwokerto.

The tempe (soybeans cake) itself is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form.

The word “mendoan” derives from “mendo”, a word of Banyumasan Javanese dialect which means half-cooked or under cooked, not hard or limp. That is why to make this mendoan need lots hot oil and quick-cooked technique.

Tempe mendoan is made from thin and wide tempe fried with flour seasoned by garlic, shallot, coriander, and salt that make it deliciously savory. Tempe mendoan is not only famous and fancy in its origin, but also in Jakarta. You can find one of the tempe mendoan street vendors who makes tasteful tempe mendoan at Juanda Train Station, Central Jakarta.

You can have this delicate and nutritious snack by spending only Rp. 2000,- per piece served with chili and sambal kecap (spicy sauce). Bon appetitte. (Aditya Eko Sigit)